An Important Component of Construction Machine

An Important Component of Construction Machine

An Important Component of Construction Machine: Concrete Batching Mixer

A concrete batching mixer is an equipment of transportation which can mix the ingredients of concrete by means of an in its back. For this reason it has three functions as mixing, transporting and pouring. There are four types of mixers as twin shaft mixer, planetary type mixer, single shaft mixer and pan type mixer. These types of mixers are developed for different types of concrete and different needs. The critical process of the production of the concrete is to provide homogeneity ad functionality in a short time.

The Pan Type of Concrete Batching Mixer

Because of the working principle of them, the pan type of concrete batching mixer can work efficiently. Although the mixing time is some longer it can provide productivity with the low mixer filling time. The number of mixing arms are more than the other types, and these mixers can be used in paving stone plants and tile making.

Single Shaft Concrete Batching Mixer

A concrete batching mixer is called according to the number of shaft. A single shaft concrete batching mixer can work with very low capacities resourcefully. Besides their operating costs are little and for this reason they can work economically. They have a compacted arrangement and their internal materials are resistant to wear. Their most important advantage is to provide productivity with lower operating and maintenance costs.

Planetary Type and Twin Shaft Concrete Batching Mixer

A planetary type concrete batching mixer is used in construction works where low-slamp concrete is required. Their used for block making and paving stone plants. On the other hand there are mixers with twin shaft. They can provide a large amount of homogenized mixture.

All these types of concrete batching mixer aim at higher productivity and efficiency with low capacity and operating costs. In order to choose the best type for your construction works, you can contact with a professional company which works in this realm. Hawk Plant’s main goal is to satisfy all the needs and expectations of its customers. With the customer oriented working principle they can reach Turkey also.    








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