Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete Batching Plant

The Hawk Plant company is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality concrete factories in Europa. In the presence of stationary and mobile plants, in addition, on our website you can buy the concrete batching plant etc. necessary for the operation of the concrete plant at the best price.

Concrete Types

Carbonate concrete has a wide range of applications: construction of the roadbed, pouring the foundation. High-quality concrete consists of sand, cement, carbonate gravel and water. Mixing these components in different proportions, get different brands.

Granite concrete is a mixture that is used for the construction of floor slabs, monolithic foundations of buildings. If you are in the north, then the use of such building materials is a must.

Expanded clay is needed for pouring walls, floors and other units where increased thermal insulation is needed. The composition of the finished mixtures includes cement, expanded clay, sand and air-entraining additives.

İf you need, concrete batching plant please call or write us.

Reinforced concrete is a combination of concrete with steel reinforcement. It can be used in any climate, as it does not lose its qualities at temperatures from −45 to +60. The most important area of ​​its application is reinforced concrete slabs and floors.

Silicate concrete is a mixture of silicon and lime. Silicate concrete is needed in modern construction.

Asphalt concrete is a mixture of bitumen, gravel, sand and mineral powder. It is necessary for the construction of roads and the manufacture of roofs.

Hydraulic engineering concrete is a waterproof material of the highest quality. It is necessary for the construction of structures in wet areas.

Perlite concrete is lightweight, used for the manufacture of concrete fences.

Tuff concrete is made on the basis of volcanic tuff. It is necessary for the manufacture of floor slabs.

Your task is to choose concrete batching plant equipment, high-quality concrete. Ready mixes of any brands have a description, and you will find the right one for your work.


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